Photography Sales Tax Nexus Clients State

When do photographers charge sales tax to clients in other states?

The big questions I see over and over again relate to the issue of when do photographers charge sales tax to clients in other states? I have written several articles about a term called “nexus” but it is such a complicated area for so many people, I thought I would bring it up again. Nexus […]

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Does Sales Tax Apply to Gift Certificates?

I have been asked several times, does sales tax apply to the sale of gift certificates? Many photographers sell gift certificates to friends and family members of their clients. Gift certificates are great way newlyweds to purchase albums, prints, gallery wraps and more with some financial help from others. Photographers often wonder how to apply […]

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photographers sales tax

Alabama DOR Ruling on Wedding Photographers and Sales Tax

A few weeks ago the Alabama DOR issued a ruling pertaining to a case that involved a wedding photographer. I have written many times about how the close connection between the services a wedding photographer provides and the taxable tangible personal property that is produced due to those services — creates an obligation for the […]

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Sales Tax Electronically delivered photos

Digital Images and California Sales Tax for Photographers

How is it that the discussion of sales tax can cause such passionate battles in photography forums, message boards, and Facebook groups, especially the taxability of digital images? I don’t quite get it, maybe that’s the attorney in me. But the fact that people get so passionate about having the right answer for any given sales […]

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Sales and Use Tax for Photographers: Non-profit Entity Exemptions

Photography business owners often get tripped up on how sales and use tax applies to entity exemptions. These exemptions are in situations where the transaction is exempt because of whom the sale is being made to, such as sales made to churches or non-profit organizations, or even to the government. Chances are that at some point […]

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