Photography Contracts Templates

Photography Contract Templates are in The Shop!

I have contract templates, agreements, and legal forms in The Nifty Knowledge Rocks Shop! If you are in the market for a kick-butt photography contract, product delivery agreement, or model releases for both minors and adults, you will be mighty pleased with these suckers… Whether you are are just starting your photography business or you have been in […]

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And she’s back…

It’s been a while since I have posted, so please forgive me. I have received numerous emails and Facebook messages asking me when the next podcast is coming. Life has been hectic, my wife and I recently welcomed twin girls into the world and I have say, raising babies is hard work! With this “time-off” […]

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same-sex wedding photographers

New Online Course: Same-sex Weddings for Photographers

I did something super exciting the other day… I launched my new online video training course on the Udemy platform: Same-sex Weddings for Photographers It is the first training class of it’s kind and contains over 6 hours of video, and various other resources such as my gender neural same-sex wedding photography contract and wedding timeline/agenda […]

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USB Flash Drives for your photography business

Making the Switch to USB Flash Drives

Early on in my photography business I made the switch from delivering images to clients on DVD’s to these nifty wooden USB flash drives. I was tired of burning DVD’s and printing disc labels out from my printer that always seemed to get screwed up some how. I figured there had to be an easier […]

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would you hire yourself as a photographer?

If you were looking for a photographer, would you hire yourself?

Let’s face it, if you are a bride or groom planning a wedding, a parent looking for custom family photography, or even a pet owner desiring a gallery wrap of their canine (or feline) friend, you have lots of choices when it comes to hiring a photographer. There are many, many, many photographers out there […]

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Do you have a Hobby or a Business?

Photographers: Do you have a Hobby vs. Business?

That seems like an easy question for photographers, do you have a hobby or a business? But hobby vs. business is not always that easy to figure out, and the answer can change over time. Determining whether you have a hobby or a business is important for income tax reasons. If you have a hobby, […]

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Photography Marketing Podcast

NKR 016 : Angela Pointon of Steel Toe Images | Worth More | Photography Branding

This episode of the Nifty Knowledge Rocks podcast is about photography branding and marketing with Angela Pointon and it is long overdue! Sorry to leave all of the listeners hanging in June. It was a super crazy ridiculous month for me! There are lots of weddings happening over here in the northeast and I am […]

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Summer BLOG Party — $1700 Photography Giveaway!

Oh geeze, what a day! Seriously, I woke up this morning to computer issues and it has been hectic ever since! But finally I am able to tell you about the Summer Blog Party I am participating in which was coordinated by the awesome Chic Critique Forum! You read correctly, it’s a $1700 photography giveaway […]

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Buying Photography Gear for your Photography Business

Buying Photography Gear and Equipment

Buying photography gear is no easy task for a new photographer. I know when I started my photography business, I seriously felt like I needed everything and anything related to photography. If I was going to do this professionally, this is what I thought… I needed as many lenses as possible. I needed speedlites as […]

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Goal Setting for Your Photography Business and Life

Can Goal Setting help you in Business and in Life?

The answer – absolutely! Are you goal setting for your business and your personal life? If not, read the five goal setting tips below! These tips will get you on the path to writing things down and making things happen. Every since an early age, I can remember making lists of goals…of course back then my […]

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Facebook Marketing Tips Photography Business

NKR 015 : Facebook Marketing Tips for Photographers

Thinking about marketing on Facebook? If so, these facebook marketing tips for photographers should be helpful for your photography business. I used Facebook ads when I was starting my photography business and the ads definitely led to bookings for me. If you feel a bit intimidated about these Facebook ads, this podcast explains: What they are How […]

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