NKR 014 : Email Lists for Your Photography Business

Email Lists for your Photography Business

This podcast addresses email lists and why they are important for your photography business. Then it goes further and explains how to capture these emails…

Everybody is online these days, and while social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are great, it’s super important that you start your email list. You need to build an email list of your audience, those people that want to hear from you.


You can’t assume your audience will come back to your blog without prompting. If somebody comes across your website today and absolutely loves your work, will they think of you when they are looking to hire a photographer? Maybe not. BUT, if you create a relationship with them via your email updates, you WILL be fresh on their mind when they finally get engaged and are planning their wedding or when they have their first child…

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Resources to help create and manage your email list:

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