Making the Switch to USB Flash Drives

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Early on in my photography business I made the switch from delivering images to clients on DVD’s to these nifty wooden USB flash drives. I was tired of burning DVD’s and printing disc labels out from my printer that always seemed to get screwed up some how. I figured there had to be an easier and more impressive way to deliver images to my clients!  Luckily there was and that’s where came in.

Through I added my logo to both a wooden USB flash drive, as well as a wooden presentation box and I was all set to deliver images on flash drives. You just send them the artwork, they do the rest, it’s easy. I do a lot of weddings and knew that I needed 8gb drives to deliver wedding images, but I also ordered a few smaller drives for portrait shoots. The larger the flash drive, the higher the cost.

Overall, it does cost a bit more to present your images to clients on drives BUT it looks so much more high end, so the investment is worth it. While the wooden USB flash drives and boxes can be costly, note that there are other less costly options like branded plastic USB flash drives and cardboard boxes.

If you are charging a client $4000 for wedding photography services (or $1000, $2000, etc.), the extra $20 to $30 you spend on a flash drive vs. using a DVD is money well spent. Think about how the client will feel when they receive this awesome wooden drive… They will think the presentation is awesome, my brand is cool, and they will tell their friends. That’s what I want. If I had given them a boring disc, they might not have even been able to insert it into their computer because many new computers don’t even have  disc drives!

If you are still delivering images to clients on discs, you might want to consider stepping up your game and moving to flash drives. It’s easier for the photographers and saves time, it’s easier for the client that might not even have a disc drive in their computer, and it makes your brand look top notch! Check out today and design the USB flash drive that speaks to your brand.

Flash drives Photography Business2 Making the Switch to USB Flash Drives

Flash drives Photography Business1 Making the Switch to USB Flash Drives

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  • Tstrickland1113

    This is a fantastic way to over-deliver!!!

    • Kristin


  • Rahim

    Hey Kristen,
    This is cool. I’m in the UK and it’s quite hard to find a good, easy way to buy these things…I’m after one for a shoot I did recently. Gap in the U.K market me thinks!

    • Kristin

      I bet this company would ship to the UK, they are really great!