If you were looking for a photographer, would you hire yourself?

would you hire yourself If you were looking for a photographer, would you hire yourself?

Let’s face it, if you are a bride or groom planning a wedding, a parent looking for custom family photography, or even a pet owner desiring a gallery wrap of their canine (or feline) friend, you have lots of choices when it comes to hiring a photographer. There are many, many, many photographers out there in this world. So I am wondering…

Would you hire yourself?

This is an important question that all photographers, whether wedding, portrait, pet, senior, or other niche need to ask themselves…  Seriously, not only would you hire yourself, but WHY would you hire yourself?

I challenge you to answer this question with specifics. You need to know why (or why not). By doing this exercise you can help your business become more profitable. It will help your brand and customer service experience become better. Try and see what your customers are seeing, from the look of your website to how their experience feels from the first time they make contact with you to inquire about hiring you as their photographer to what they feel when you deliver their images to them.

How do your potential clients / clients feel?

From a customer’s perspective, take a look at how the list of items outlined below look and feel. If you aren’t satisfied with something, tweak it so that you think it rocks. After all, as a business owner you want your potential clients to want to hire you because you rock. Along with getting new business, you also want your current clients to become ambassadors for your business and tell everyone else that you rock!!

The end result is that YOU should want to hire yourself and YOU should know exactly WHY you would hire yourself!!

Study your business and ask yourself:

  • Look, feel, ease of navigation for website
  • Can potential clients find information about what you do…
  • Look, feel, and ease of use in online client galleries
  • Can clients easily purchase prints and products?
  • Is it easy for clients to hire you, sign contracts, make payments?
  • How do clients feel once they have hired you (are you sending a thank you card?)
  • Are your marketing materials and take-aways consistent with your brand image?
  • Are the products you are offering consistent with your brand?
  • Packaging for your products, files, etc.
  • How does the experience feel when you present your products or images to your client?
  • Are you skimping on anything, does anything feel cheap or undesirable as a consumer?

These are just some ideas, use your experiences as a consumer to help you think of others. Think of the stores or brands that you keep going back to and study them.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to clothing and department stores, but personally I love Nordstrom’s because I always feel “taken care of” there and that people actually care about making sure I get the clothing I want…

What brands do you love and why?

What do you do for your clients that makes them love you? Would you hire yourself as a photographer and why?

Leave a comment below and let me know!!

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